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Business Tax Policies for the upcoming election

We are 100% bipartisan here at STA, and we frankly think it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other with the major parties in respect to the economy.   However if you were wondering what the actual business tax policies of the major parties are, this article gives a great outline.


Vital Software for SMEs

Good software can make a business run in a more competent manner while simplifying the management process.   By using the right software, your business can achieve its full potential.   The right software can help manage all demands and responsibilities, from high-level strategic goals to day-to-day operations.   The optimal software for all small…


Executive Insights on Nonprofit Resiliency During COVID-19

Remaining resilient during COVID-19 whilst obvious, is easier said than done. Especially for non for profit organisations where the impacts driven by crisis are some of the hardest felt. We came across this blog from Alexis Haradyn where she summarises the findings of a digital executive roundtable hosted by Blackbaud Canada.   Some of the…


Meet the team!

With the aim of getting closer to our clients and friends, we thought we’d start to share a small bio from one of our team members. Today we say hi to Samrat.   Samrat is the Accounting and Tax practice director here at STA – he started with us in January 2019. He completed a…


Why you need a virtual CFO

It is common for SMEs to have limited resources, or no capacity to hire an accountant or CFO. Being swamped with paperwork and accounting can limit your business growth. However analysing revenue and spending and keeping finances in check is integral in any organisation. For small and medium businesses who don’t have a dedicated employee…