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Business Services/Virtual CFO Services


Monthly Management Reporting The month end report should capture key data that will be used to make decisions and drive the business – it should include much more than just your financial statements. A virtual CFO does so much more that count beans, they should add real value to your company.

To secure a fast, efficient and thorough handling of your tax return, get in touch with STA to see how we can help.

Balance Sheet Reconciliations Balance sheet is the engine room of any business and the financial health of the business is monitored most effectively when balance sheet reconciliations are undertaken monthly. At STA we live and breathe balance sheets to give you real time visibility on your business performance.
Cash Flow Forecasting Operating cash flow refers to the amount of cash a company generates from the revenues it brings in, excluding costs associated with long-term investment on capital items or investment in securities. Your cash flow forecast should be a detailed look at your company’s cash position relative to its inflows and outflows.
KPI Setting and Measurement What are the financial KPIs that you track for your business currently? Are you adding any KPIS to the list? STA’s Virtual CFO should be able to identify the weak points of your business and determine the most appropriate KPIs to measure performance.
Board Reporting STA’s Virtual CFO service prepare financial reports and related items for board packs for monthly or quarterly board meetings. STA can also update board risk registers and provide financial reporting training for boards.
Internal Control and Risk Analysis STA can provide analysis of the internal control framework for your business and provide visibility on key risks within the business e.g key person risk, process related risks, cyber security risk, insurance risks and more. STA’s risk analysis solutions focus on creating sustainable business processes structured on effective business continuity plans that take into account resource constraints within a business.